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In the Underfloor Heating market there really is only one choice – MAGNUM.

MAGNUM stands for high quality, durable and energy efficient underfloor heating systems with warranties that go up to a lifetime.  Manufactured in the EU with 25 years experience Magnum offer a range of Underfloor Heating Solutions:


Hydronic Tubing – 5 layer PE-RT heating tubes



Density 0,933 g/cm3  (ASTM D-792)
Linear expansion coefficient, 20⁰C – 70⁰C 0,19 mm/mK (DIN 53752 A)
Thermal conductivity at 60⁰C 0,4 Watt/mK (DIN 52612-1)
Softening Point (Vicat) 122⁰C (ASTM D-1525)
Maximum elongation at break > 800% (ISO 527-2)
Bending radius 5 x Diameter
Oxygen Density EVOH Layer (DIN 4726)

Equipped with KOMO, MPA and SKZ certification warranty.

Stainless Steel Manifolds

  • The body of the manifold is RVS 4301
  • Equipped with a thermostat, thermometer, automatic airvent and maximum security.
  • Standard equipped with an energy-efficient ALPHA2 L pump.
  • Thermostatic valve groups M30X 1.5 for MAGNUM actuators.
  • Groups with a professional flow meter with a range of 0-5L / min.
  • Group connections for 2/4 Eurokonus.
  • Primary connection 1/2 (groups from 8 2/4)
  • Manifold is equipped with fasteners

Thermostats and Hubs

SCI Services utilise Heatmiser products for Thermostats and Hub control

  Slimline Touch Thermostats

  • Compatible with Solar, Heat Pump and most boiler technologies
  • Self learning preheat
  • Network capability – The N models offer a wired RS485 network connection and can be connected to our UH8-N and Central TouchPad.
  • Blue back light


  • The UH8 provides central switching of up to 8 zones actuators as well as providing an output for a hot water cylinder, the system boiler and pump.When used for underfloor heating, an option is available to use zone 8 as a conventional radiator zone. Up to 6 actuators can be connected to each zone.